Dresslily - my wishlist for octomber

What is DressLily?!

DressLily is an online merchandiser of clothing and accessories for both men and women worldwide. Their website offers thousands of products, including clothing, jewelry, handbags, shoes, and hair products such as wigs. They boast affordable prices and accept nineteen different currencies. seems like the perfect, all-encompassing. This DressLily review will take into consideration other reviews for DressLily in order to get the full scop. The DressLily website promises, “fashion that is affordably yours, fast shipping/ professional packaging, and best in class customer service.” Their website also emphasizes the satisfaction of the customer when it says, “Our customers always come first: You always matter to us. Our highly trained CS team is always ready to support you no matter the issue. When you buy from us, the sale is not complete when we ship, it is complete when you are completely satisfied.”

However, you may be asking yourself: Can I trust DressLily? Is DressLily reliable?

Is DressLily Real and Safe to Use?

Shopping online carries some inherent risks that traditional brick-and-mortar stores don’t usually carry. The primary question that an online shopper has to ask themselves is whether or not the shop they’re using is trustworthy.

In this instance, the answer to “Is DressLily a legit website?” is a firm yes.
And although popularity isn’t necessarily the number one indicator of site reliability, the fact that so many people do business with it around the world does speak positively to answer, “Can I trust DressLily?” Massive sales lends credibility to DressLily’s reliable services and should reassure doubtful users of the site.
So, is DressLily a safe website? It is indeed – contact the seller or customer service if there are any issues with a purchase. DressLily benefits from repeat customers just as much as individual sellers do, and they want buyers to feel safe on their marketplace.

Here's what I want this month:

Positive comments about DressLily seem to come from users who are happy to wait a little longer for their products because they are so pleased with the low prices( like me). The common thread with these customers appears to be patience and reading every word of product description.  Look for good reviews of sellers and products, and ensure that you read all specifications on the product pages of potential purchases. 

Happy shopping!

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